«A significant advantage of Ancora pens is that they are made in Italy with Italian equipment and raw materials by Italian workers and engineers»


Ancora1919 & Omas
We are pleased to announce that, effective 14.6.2018, Ancora has completed the acquisition of "Omas Srl under liquidation", the current owner of all of Omas brands, technology and other assets.

Ancora is devoted to its mission to further the Italian engineering traditions and provide our clients with the best in writing instruments. As such, a decision was made to acquire Omas to allow the iconic models, such as Omas 360 and Omas Paragon, to be available to the discerning customer as well.

After a brief integration and restructuring period Omas will begin production of classic pens including the iconic 360 and Paragon models. Production of accessories and spare parts will also be renewed to support the existing owners of Omas pens.

We believe that this is a significant step forward for Ancora, Omas and Italian penmaking as a whole, as well as pen enthusiasts and fans of both brands around the world.

New project: Charles the Great (Carlo Magno), 50 rollers and 50 fountain pens!
Great educational reforms, victorious wars and reverent love to family and friends are combined in the biography of Charles the Great. Not every ruler in world history was destined to become a hero of the national epic and get the honorary title of the Great.

In the beginning of 2018 the Anсora company released a pen dedicated to this Great Man. The body of the truly royal pen is decorated with miniatures reflecting the style of that epoch. The Ancora masters combined in a delightful combination the royal colors: gold, scarlet and deep blue.

New distributor in Netherlands
We are happy to introduce a new Ancora distributor La Couronne du Comte at which you will find only the best writing instruments, ink and refills, leather ware and exclusive accessories from the best and most reliable brands in the world. La Couronne du Comte has carefully selected the products and they all are chosen because of their reliability, durability, quality and exquisite design.

New distributor in Cyprus
We are happy to introduce a new Ancora distributor Zacharias Watches & Jewellery which was duly established in Cyprus by its present managing director Mr. Zacharias Charilaou in 1982 with its principal place in Limassol. Mr. Zacharias Charilaou set up his business by leasing a small shop and commenced carrying on the business of sale of jewellery and watches.

New «Bitcoin Pen» collection.

Bitcoin Pen is the first pen of «Crypto-Currency» collection.
We are planning pre-production and production stage of sales where the customers will get the opportunity to purchase these pens at more attractive price than at retail.

We already get the great interest to «platinum» numbers of pens, such as 001/888, 888/888 among rollers and 01/88, 88/88 among fountain pens from Bitcoin fans around the world.

More information:


New German distributor of Ancora
Now in Germany!
We are proud to introduce a new Ancora distributor PAPETERIE located in the heart of Berlin-Charlottenburg and stands out in the landscape of shopping centers being a gem for lovers of exclusive writing culture and fine accessories.

New distributor of Ancora
A number of distributors «Ancora» is growing every day! Today we are proud to announce new stores Christian Xenon where you can buy the «Ancora» pens! Shops are located in Limassol and look like an island of beauty and elegance!

New pens in the Money Pens collection
We are pleased to announce long-awaited release of the new pens Bitcoin, Yuan and Pound of the Money Pens collection!

First Flagship Store Ancora in Limassol
We are happy to announce the opening of the first flagship store Ancora in Limassol!

Our flagship boutique has a unique location – Limassol Marina! Combining within its borders the elegant residential complex, a modern Marina and a large selection of boutiques, restaurants and shops, Limassol Marina gives rise to a unique lifestyle at sea. The design of Ancora boutique pays tribute to the history of the city, connecting the elements of cultural heritage from different eras with modern trends, creating a unique space.

We are waiting for you daily from 12 to 20 at Building D1, Shop 6, Limassol Marina, 3601,
Cyprus. Tel: +357 25051515.


Money pens
Amazing limited edition Currency pens already has three models: Dollar, Euro, Rouble.


New pen collection Panda
We are glad to present you a new pen collection – Panda, which is dedicated to these amazing animals. The pen is available in two colors: «Panda Green» – emerald green decorated with gold plated fittings and colorful image of Panda and «Panda Black» – deep black color and silver fittings

The opening of the first Ancora flagship store
We are happy to announce that the first flagship store Ancora will open in Limassol this May!

Flagship boutique has a unique location – Limassol Marina! Combining within its borders the elegant residential complex, a modern Marina and a large selection of boutiques, restaurants and shops, Limassol Marina gives rise to a unique lifestyle at sea. The architectural design of this place allows it to seamlessly blend with the historic area of the city, the old port and the medieval castle. Thanks to its relaxed style, delightful views and the exceptional variety of offered services, Limassol Marina is destined to become the most prestigious seaside resort with its own Harbor in the Mediterranean and one of the best in the world.

The design of Ancora boutique pays tribute to the history of the city. It connects the elements of cultural heritage from different eras with modern trends, creating a unique space.


Hunters' dream in one box

Avicenna Pen Collection for the Medic Day
Annually on third Sunday of June the Day of Medical Worker is celebrated in Russia. Doctors and other specialists working in this field get congratulations on the Medic Day. The Ancora company offers you a unique collection of Avicenna Pens, which is dedicated to one of the greatest medical scientists in history not only of the East, but the entire world. Ibn Sina (Avicenna) wrote more than 450 works in 29 discipline, only 274 of which reached these days. "The Canon of Medicine" Avicenna gained world fame.

This work has been preserved to our times - one of the major medical works of Avicenna. "Canon of Medicine" - a medical encyclopedia, in which Ibn Sina presents all that relates to the prevention and treatment of diseases - theory and practice. The exact date of the completion of the "Canon" is not set, it is presumably in 1025. There is a legend about the last hours of Ibn Sina: The great doctor, sensed the death approaching decided to fight it. Day and night, for many years, he studied the affections of various plants, secrets of drugs to good purpose.

Ibn Sina decided to win the death. With the weak hands he cooked forty different drugs spilled medicines in forty different vessels, wrote a number on each vessel. Then he called his ardent disciple. "Listen to me carefully - he said to the student. - My strength weakened, and probably tomorrow I'll die. But I will not die, if you use all these forty remedies under the procedure I tell you. "And he began to dictate. The first remedy was supposed to pour into his mouth. Another remedy to rub his chest. Third - back. Fourth - the legs. Fifth again pour into the mouth. And so till the forties.

The next day the great doctor fainted. Lifeless body of an emaciated old man laid before the disciple. Dry weak hands, sunken cheeks, and only high forehead told of the deep secrets of Ibn Sina's mind... Nervous disciple took the first vessel with the medicine. Then - the second, the third, the fourth. He did everything the teacher told him to do. Took tenth vessel, twentieth, thirtieth ... Gradually aged body of the old man turned into a flourishing body of young man. The breathing appeared, cheeks turned pink. A strong handsome man with wise face laid in front of disciple. The fortieth remedy left. The last medicine was to strengthen the life that gave to Ibn Sina the previous thirty nine.

Having drunken the last remedy, the teacher had to open your eyes, take a deep breath, smile and stand up. The disciple was so impressed by this miraculous transformation that suddenly the fortieth vessel fell to the ground from his shaking hands and rolled over. Medication spilled on the sand, went deep into the earth ... In a few minutes the lifeless body of the teacher laid in front of the disciple.


Ancora «Alphabet" Pen is dedicated to the 1150th anniversary of Cyrillic character
Ancora «Alphabet" Pen is dedicated to the 1150th anniversary of the establishment of the Saints Cyril and Methodius Slavic alphabet (Cyrillic), which became the basis of Slavic-Orthodox written tradition.

The barrel is hand patterned. It takes120 hours to pattern it. The surface is protected by 8 layers of lacquer.

Ancora «Alphabet" Pen will go on sale in late August 2013.


Ancora Classic Pen
On the New Year eve, the Italian company Ancora has pleased admirers of the brand with expanding the Classic series assortment with Classic Pens Collection.

Approximate retail value of the pen Classic - 15000 rub.


New pen collection Ancora Casino
Numerous historical examples show us that the spirit of competition, rivalry, the desire for leadership - the laws of existence.

A desire for gambling - one of the oldest tradition of human society. Russian classics did not avoided the subject of gambling ("The Queen of Spades" by Alexander Pushkin, "Masquerade" by Lermontov, "Player" by Fyodor Dostoevsky, "Players" by Gogol).

The Ancora company dedicated to gambling Casino pens collection. Expected arrival on sale - December 2012.


Ancora Titanic Pen
The marvel of shipbuilding and the largest liner of its time. Ship, which launched a challenge against the universe ... The constructors and owners of the giant declared presumptuously «God could not take this ship down." Nevertheless, Titanic sank in the North Atlantic at night of April 15, 1912, killing about 1,500 people. It was one of the biggest seafaring accidents ever known.

100 years later, Ancora puts unique Titanic pens models on the market in remembrance of the legendary liner. The wood which the pens were made with, was purchased at auction, "The 100th anniversary of the Titanic. Facts and Myths", held in New York on April 15, 2012 by Bonhams auction house.


Ancora on Christie's
May 30, 2012 at the prestigious Christie's auction in Hong Kong silver fountain pen Ancora Neptune with a rare number "88/88" was sold for 25,000 HK (about 3300 US dollars).

In eastern countries, the number "8" is considered lucky because it sounds as well as the word "prosperity".

Thereby the combination of numbers "88/88" becomes even more attractive. Ancora Neptune Pens Collection for the first time was introduced in 2010 and currently almost all pens are in private collections.


Unique Ancora The Earth Pen
Ancora is one of the eldest Italian pen manufacturers - presents a unique pen "The Earth", released in a single copy.

The Earth – a small white and blue dot in the surrounding space gloom. Every king and peasant, every politician or businessman, every "superstar," every loving couple, every warlord lived here - on this speck in the sunlight.

We are the earth. Everyone you love, everyone you know, every ever existed man has lived his life on it. Earth - is our home, and we have no others. We should value and cherish our little world.

Paying tribute to this strong element, Ancora masters used all their experience and skills, to create a masterpiece in the world of pens. Several months of hard work of the best jewelers and cutters embodied in Ancora "The Earth" Pen, created in white 18 carat gold and adorned with 1485 diamonds (total weight 14,9 carat) and 2261 sapphires (total weight of 24,57 carats). The Unique Ancora "The Earth" Pen presented in luxurious globe-shaped crystal box.

Admiral Pen Collection
The "Admiral" Pens Collection is devoted to all indifferent to marine romantics. Wide ring on the deck-like brown barrel like a compass, images the four sides of the world, and narrow rings reminds a ship's rope. International Maritime Code of Signals flags decorates a wave patterned cap and the clip base is in the form of the ship wheel.


Ancora Neptune Pen
Myths of the Ancient Rome inspired Ancora artists to create Neptune Pens. The barrel is decorated with guilloche engraving, added with dark blue acrylic resin elements, symbolizing the depths of the sea. Sculpture on the cap shows Neptune with trident surrounded by horses and a woman with a baby. The base of the clip is seashell-shaped. Ancora Neptune Collection is represented as a fountain pen and roller, released a run of 88 copies of each species.
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