The Value of the Signature
We disclaim mass production in favor of manual labor, the brand ensures its future, based on the strong traditions of the past, being thus true to its founder and name.

«Ancora's» brand history is as one of the first Italian companies to produce pens. No doubt that «Ancora's» history is the history of its founder - Giuseppe Zanini, who in the early part of the twentieth century was able by having gained the necessary experience to realize his dream - to create perfect pens in his own factory.

It started at the beginning of the twentieth century, Giuseppe Zanini received a pen as a gift from a relative returning from America, who was known as a great enthusiast of mechanics. Zanini was taken with this writing device, its aesthetics and mechanics.

At that time a pen was considered a luxury item in the Italian market as they were brought from other countries, and hence were very expensive. Giuzeppe Zanini made a decision: notwithstanding the fact that at that time there was practically no existing pen market, nothing could prevent him from creating and developing the equipment necessary for production

However, the technologies of that day could not provide Zanini
with the possibilities needed
for his projectdevelopment: There was neither the required materials
or the necessary equipment, and, thus, he had to assemble the products using imported components and accessories.

Technical experience was gathered as the years went by.
At the first economical opportunity Giuseppe Zanini himself developed a machine that enabled him
to begin his own production.
By that moment he knew the entire production cycle,
starting from pen writing ink filling
system and up to writing technology.

In 1938 Illustrazione Italiana newspaper wrote as follows:
"In our opinion, production of «Ancora» pens in Italy
with the use of Italian equipment, Italian raw materials,
and performed by Italian workers and engineers
is their major advantage".

Finally Giuseppe Zanini courageously and purposefully
rushed to his wish, this was in Sesto Calende
on the shores of Lake Maggiore.

Zanini's products became widely known for their exceptionally
high quality, he succeeded in his products sales market expansion as far as the territory of Europe and North America.
Nowadays, «Ancora» Pen Company has secured a substantial footing in the writing instruments market both in Italy and in numerous other countries.

At present, same as before, «Ancora» brand is associated
with the best Italian traditions merged with the history
of legendary pens
The production site of «Ancora» pens is still located in Italy near Milan.
A distinctive feature of the company is that it prefers to make nibs for pens by its own workers,
on «Ancora» factory, using 18K gold.

The balance between modern technologies used in production and traditional decoration
of pen barrels with precious metals, gemstones and handled sea shells lets «Ancora» create
pieces of pure art that are so highly valued by the owners and collectioners all over the world.
Lapidary pens by «Ancora» are produced in a unique style which consists of four major elements:

  • innovations and know-how;
  • special type of inflation system that helps to save up to 40 percent of ink due to lower pressure;
  • adoption of precious metals and valuable materials (vulcanite, gold, silver, titanium, marble, precious stones and even lava)
  • paintings using techniques such as miniature lacquer painting and incrustation the body frame of pens with mother-of-pearls pieces (that means totally manual labour).
When buying a fountain pen as a gift you should consider different nib styles:

  • Open nib – the nib is fully exposed and may be decorated by an engraving, a miniature, or inlaid with precious gems. That is the classic and the most widespread style of nib that gives the fountain pen its distinctive look.
  • Semi-hooded nib – the vulcanite barrel covers the nib up to the breather hole. A rare style that is only visually different from the open nib, but lets the manufacturer to use lighter nibs, which may be useful when they are made from precious metals.
  • Hooded nib – the nib is almost entirely covered by the barrel with only the tip visible. Users say that it makes for a smoother writing, as the distance between the tip of the nib and its mounting point is very small. Another advantage of the hooded nib pens is their resistance to drying out when left unused and uncapped. Hooded nib pens were widely manufactured in Soviet Union and are now collectible items.
Fountain pens mark a special style and a commitment to tradition.

The Italians from the «Ancora» company would say that a fountain pen is not just a classis.

It's a lifestyle.

«Ancora» gives you an opportunity to buy the pen as a gift.

An elite pen can transform its owners looks by adding a degree of exquisiteness and respectability.

Using a collectible pen can provide an incredible feeling of creation, being close to eternity and true art.

The history of the Italian fountain pen, 1900-1950